Talent is Good, Shame is Better

Hello this blog is based on Andrzej Lukowski’s recent article in The Stage (link to £ content – if you can, read that before you read this; it will make more sense). This is not a criticism of Andrzej’s views, just a response to it. I see it as a compliment, not an attack. I […]

The Twilight Zone, Almeida Theatre

‘The sound of reality being sucked back into position’   (I’m beginning with a disclaimer: I have never seen The Twilight Zone. I don’t know anything about it, its style, etc. I’m just reading the performance I saw with zero knowledge of the TV programme. There will be dozens of things I’ve missed, and this […]

Second Thoughts on Hamlet

I’m not having second thoughts. These just are my second thoughts. My thoughts on Hamlet after a second viewing. Recently someone told me that for ages they just knew me as the Hamlet girl from Twitter. Which is fair enough. Because at the time I was so obsessed with it that I wrote almost 4000 […]

The Treatment: a treatment

Lily James and I saw a preview of The Treatment at the Almeida MONTHS AGO. I recorded the conversations we had before the show, during the interval, and after. These are those conversations, our unfiltered thoughts on the show as we watch it. Enjoy. (Disclaimer: Lily would like to apologise in advance for her overuse […]