Current obsessions (and life update)

It’s been aaaaaaaages since I posted anything I really felt proud of on my blog (the last thing was probs that parody of Simon Stephens’ book). I’m trying to get back into the ‘when you see something you really love and just HAVE to write about it’ mindset. Hopefully I’ll be back writing longform blogs […]

Road, Royal Court

I’ve written about this before and now I’m writing about it again: I’m a firm believer in Rupert Goold’s statement that the director’s job is to cover up the bad bits in the text [links to paid content]. This is exactly what John Tiffany doesn’t do. If anything, his direction exacerbates the weaker parts of Jim […]

Common, National Theatre

So. Rufus Norris needed a play for the Olivier. And DC Moore had an idea. Enclosure (privatisation of common land) and a charismatic, criminal, borderline Ricardian female lead. I made a resolution a couple of months ago that I’d only write about shows I liked. I’m now breaking that resolution. Reason why: this is one […]

Guards at the Taj, Bush Theatre

Production images by Marc Brenner The angular set of Guards at the Taj stretches out into the unseen. The idea of the unseen should be an important idea in this play, but it quickly gets lost. We only get glimpses of ideas of the sensory through dramatic actions. Although that takes panache, it’s only sometimes […]