Grannies at the National Theatre

My Gran feels alienated by the NT. She doesn’t want to see plays about sex and drugs and stuff. To give you a sense of her taste, she loved Made in Dagenham but found Matilda too loud; she enjoyed Comedy About A Bank Robbery and finds any kind of tragedy ‘miserable’, which really means ‘not […]

Final (Messy) Thoughts on NSDF17

Had fun. Ran out of clean socks. Wrote some stuff for Noises Off. It was good. Met some ok people too: Lily James, Richard Tzanov, Kate Wyver, Phoebe Graham, Nick someone (??), Aenne Pallasca and Giulia Delprato. Also Eve Allin, Ben Kulvichit, Clara Potter-Sweet, Emily Davis, Lilith Wozniak, Nat Norland, Hebe Bartlett, Helen Morley, Lily […]

My Country, National Theatre

Morality plays that teamed with allegorical characters started falling into disuse about 450 years ago and I think there was a reason why. They feel extremely unreal, unimmediate and irrelevant. Duffy’s Everyman didn’t work, and neither does this. (If you don’t know the concept behind Duffy and Rufus Norris’ latest hare-brained collaboration: Britannia calls a […]